Maestra Ana Laura

Ana Laura Sosa was born March 27, 1991 in Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua MX, one of the largest borders of Mexico and the United States. It’s the cradle of great personalities and Mexican burritos. Ana was raised in her native city where she did her study of course and graduated from Universidad Autonoma Of Ciudad Juarez obtaining a Degree in Nutrition in 2014.

After concluding her career she started working in a hospital kitchen where she increased her knowledge. Looking for a major development in her personal life like in her laboring a few month’s later she moved to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MX, one of the biggest illustrated cities in Mexico, which is also known for their typical “Cabrito dish”. In the same city ( Monterrey), Ana was incorporated to the Hershey’s company where she was in charge of the company kitchen. Prior to that Ana was doing private consultations.

In November 2016 Ana got married, and with her husband moved to Palmdale, CA., where she had the opportunity to take classes to improve her English. After a few months living in California due to work, she and her husband moved to Fort Worth Texas where they currently reside.

Ana is part of the Mi Casita team now, she enjoys working and sharing her knowledge and love as well as helping others at Mi Casita.

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